April 10th, 2017

So, I got one for ya’!  Did you hear the one about the student who walks into a classroom to take a test, and ends up wasting the entire period taking the wrong test?!  Not only that, but the test he was working on, wasn’t ever even a test!

My friends, kind fellow visitors, readers, contributors of all that I have shared with you on this here journey o’ mine – This Life’s Journey is over!

Remember at the start of this here journey o’ mine, I said I was going into it blindly, not knowing really what I was going to do, where I was going to go, and what it was I was even really hoping to figure out?  Just my saying that hopefully, at some point, I will have some kind of an epiphany of some sort, where it all would just come to me, and all would make sense?

Well, today was that day.

Cover image above is where it happened.  I should have noted the time, but, can say that it was sometime during the four o’clock, Mountain Standard Time, hour, and that it occurred while sitting in public library number two hundred and seventy-five that I have been in (Chubbuck, Idaho to be more specific) on this here journey o’ mine, and that it occurred while simply in the midst of writing an email reply.


Suddenly, just a little light went on, in some oft overlooked part of my being, that brought a stop to the presses, and all trains on their tracks to a standstill.

And quietly, a voice from the light simply said, “That is not why you are here.”

“Hm?  What?”  I say back curiously in the direction of this light, which now seemed to be growing a lot brighter now, “What did you say?”

The same soft-spoken voice, “You have been fighting the wrong battle.” I heard in return as the light grew closer and with more intensity. “The one of your non-money lovin’ self trying to figure out a way to exist in a world in which money revolves around -”

“Fighting the wrong – … this has been a battle I have been fighting my entire adult life!  Many a scar to do I have from this battle!  And you’re saying -“

“Yes, you have battled against it most determinedly indeed” said the voice, that I could tell was very near to me, but couldn’t see for the warm glowing brightness of his light.

“Well…” My struggling to understand, fumbled for words, while also now trying to make out the source of who was saying it behind the light  “Well, if my battle was not this, what was it I was really battling?  Trying to figure out?  Learn?  To completely and fully learn how to understand to do?”

As soon as I finished asking my question, the light was upon me, and could see that the voice from the dark wasn’t carrying it, but was the source of the light!  I could not make out any discernible features in the searing brightness, but even though it’s intensity, could easily look upon it without squinting or shielding of my eyes.  The warm glow wrapped itself around me so it was now as if I was floating within, and the voice spoke from no longer in front of me, but all around me, the answer to my question.


We are very clever with the distractions that we place in our lives, to challenge us to look beyond, so as to see the truth that lay behind.  Today, I discovered the most elaborate distraction of them all, I have literally wasted my entire adult life focusing upon!

No longer, my friends.  For, I have seen the light.

On this day, day two hundred and thirty of having started this final last ditch grasp effort of trying to figure me, my life out, I became once again aware of why it is that I chose this all for me… and let me tell you, my friends, brothers and sisters, fellow travelers, and journeyers in this beautiful thing called Life – I am smilin’ from ear to ear!

I love me!

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