July 2014

Man really is a peculiar creature… so hellbent on looking out for itself, and itself only, that it will end up doing nothing more than destroying itself, as well as anything and everything in it’s path.

Really is an odd state to be a current fellow member of this being of life… a being so wrapped up and consumed in itself…

I don’t know.  Don’t see why it matters really.  I mean, I know we, and all of this, is all illusion, not us, not real… so, what’s the point commenting and reflecting upon it all?

It’s just kind of funny, in a sad way.  I often have thought that the human race is akin to a teenager in it’s evolution… that the stage of it’s existence of mankind today, could be compared to that of an older child in it’s teen years – so full of itself, thinking it knows it all… strutting around in it’s new found freedom of being able to do all these things now, yet, still ignorant of so much… undisciplined in it’s restraint, but just doing whatever, whenever, wherever, to whoever…  Full of spirit and pith, yet so shortsighted and misguided, only living for the short term… and incredibly lazy to put much effort into anything, just whatever is the most easy, quickest means – well then that’s the way to go!

It’s impudence however, may be it’s downfall, and lead it to not move and evolve beyond it’s current state, as it most likely will end up obliterating it’s own existence.  Out of greed, hate, ignorance, spite, and selfish conceit.

I don’t know.  I don’t know again why I bother even mentioning it… it’s not like the ugliness of this world needs another light shone upon it, or to just show my appall in commenting upon it… as we all just sit back and tsk-tsk, shake our heads at it, and then just go about our own lives… because, you know, unless it directly involves us, and our lives, what’s it matter, and who cares, right?

I guess it’s just the death by a thousand cuts that seems to be happening in the world… all these separate bits and events occurring, that one by one, over time, growing in number, just makes it appear that things are just slowly tending to be heading for a very big end.

Just a number of things going on recently, it’s just makes one wonder just what the fuck is going on and happening with the world and everyone?!  Extremism run amok… polarity on so many levels, in so many areas… Us vs. Them going on in practically every aspect… growing divide of the have’s and have-not’s… the perpetual continuation of those in and with power (i.e. – money) pillaging, raping, and using any and all else, so as to line their pockets and portfolios even more, no matter what the cost to anybody, and everything else…

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah, blah… could go on forever with so many things and examples… but again, what is the point?  Man is not going to listen, it is going to do what it’s going to do anyway… until it learns.  And learn, man will… and is most usually the case, will learn the hard way.  You know that at some point, there is just going to be this cosmic like check and balance coming soon down the pike… that is what it will have to take.  To slap some sense into the teenage mindset of mankind forcing it to grow the fuck up.  To change.  Evolve.  Grow.  Unfortunately, it will most likely be in the manner of drastically and dramatically needing to adapt to circumstances set forth by those who couldn’t see past themselves and their own well being good, self interests and wants, onto those who were mostly victim of all that was, and now is… for them now to do so, to carry on, move forward, adjust, make anew… with whatever may be left.

So, it will all work out, and this life/world will be the better for it.

What we can do though, is be that change now.  The ol’ saying, “Think globally, act locally” – we ourselves can’t change this life/world, we can’t make a difference in all the half billion ways that it needs to have changed, made right, corrected, just made better… but, we sure as hell can in our own lives.  We create our life, our world.  First off, by starting with that man in the mirror.  With ourselves.  Learn.  Grow.  Seek to understand.  To love.  Respect.  And care.  Ourselves.  And those in our own little life/world that we know and live with every day.  Make the world a better place by making our little world, and the little worlds of their’s around us, a better place.

The world is the world, and mankind is mankind… it’s going to do what it’s going to do… even if it’s nothing but going to hell in a hand basket.  You don’t have to.  You, we, I, can make the effort.  Take the high road.  Live lovingly, respectfully, truly, purely, honestly.

This life we are living, is just a role.  A part we are playing.  We are not just this, we are more.  We are light.  We are life.  We are love.  And we will continue to infinitely be, even after we have shuffled off this mortal coil costume that we are currently donning, and removed the makeup that transformed us into the character recognized as us.  This current life/world is just the stage for the production that we chose to currently be a part of and perform in.  But, it is in like an experimental theatre, where the play being performed is written as it goes… and we, can write and make our character into any person we want to be.  And in turn, the immediate play going on around us, that which we would like to see and be.

So, do it.  Take control of your life.  Do not be a victim to the life and world that is around you, it is merely an ever-changing setting, backdrop.  Act!  Perform!  Play!  Create a piece, a life/world that you would want to be a part of, and act your part accordingly – as, you.  To the best of your abilities and talents.  And help those on stage with you to do the same.  Share the stage and do not upstage.  Share the spotlight.  And, all of us together, individually – will make one hell of a good show!

So that when the lights dim, and the curtain begins to close for us on this life/world’s stage, we can stand side by side with our fellow cast members, embrace in tears of reflective shared joy, knowing that we did a show well done, as well as we could… promising to catch up with each other outside those theatre doors where we will laugh and cry at the shared highlights of our performances, of the production, and promise to look forward to doing another show together once again.

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