April 28th, 2017

Okay, let’s see how many different ways I can think of a way to say “this will be the last” entry!

I said in last entry that it was going to most likely be probably the last from the road, until I was back to the area of the home of my youth, and did one closing entry from there… unless, I happened to get some more photos worth posting…  Well, did yesterday, before the totally non-end of April weather moved on in… you’d think it was only the end of March and not April out.

Anyway… I had said in previous entry, that I doubted that I would find anything of merit to shoot, as I am heading back on pretty much the same route I took last Autumn, and nothing stirred me then, but, I was wrong.  I stopped at an exact location I did last Autumn to eat my breakfast before I continued on, except this time, I actually got out and wandered around the area, as opposed to my just eating and taking off last time.

Nature Scene

Growing Out Amongst A Sea Of White

It was an entrance area to a state forest park along the river, with, despite the weather that moved in after I was there, Spring was showing itself in bloom.

Springtime Bloom

Beaver Handiwork

Taking A Bite

Branch Bracelet

As you can see, I am still addicted to shooting wide open with my nifty-fifty, what all of these images were shot with… but, think you can see why

Floral Pinecone

Woodsy Pastoral Scene

Pinecone Buds

Floral Cone While Still Attached

During this part here, I was squatting, ducking, weaving in and out of this little forest of pine trees, some of them dead, which this one was attached to… until I accidentally snapped it off as I was trying to turn it a little ways to photograph… but, as you will now see in the rest, I ended up just taking this little pinecone doing a floral impersonation, around and just placed it in different areas and continued taking photos of it

Floral Cone Triptych

Floral Cone In Grass

Floral Cone Under Arch

Floral Cone Amongst Dandelions

Floral Cone In Barn Window

Floral Cone Amongst Tall Grass

Floral Cone Upstaging Dandelion Fluff

And, have kept that floral cone, and is in my van… personal memento and keeper from the journey… was thinking, too bad I didn’t find the little guy early on in my journey, as I would have placed it in shots in all the places I went to… though, then again, later this same day, I took some additional photos, and didn’t even think once about doing just that.

Anyway, that’s it… though I do have about a half dozen more photos from later this same day, but just don’t feel like getting to them right now… so, will have one more really for real, last one from the road coming up at some point.

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