We are who we are.  What we give, all we can give, is ourselves, completely… even though the risks of doing so… for the result of doing so can be brutal and hard in the manner and ways we are treated back, to us completely and wholly revealing ourselves, being who we are, giving completely of ourselves to someone else, others, it opens us up to being hurt… But also, the rewards though, more greatly outweigh and surpass in beauty, wonder and light and love and all that is good and true and right and happiness, than the negatives, when we present ourselves naked


Being Presented

Being Presented

There comes a point in our lives, when in life, in a relationship, as a person, who we are, we need to present ourselves as naked to others… completely, wholly, purely revealing and showing them that, this is me, this is who I am… offering all that you are to them… and like a specimen being wheeled out upon a stage to be presented, we stand there in the spot light of their eyes, their judgements, hoping that our gift of freely offering ourselves, of who we are, will be taken gently and kindly


Taking It

Taking It

Unfortunately sometimes though, our doing so is met with not the greatest of intentions, and we are taken advantaged of, our complete selves being used, picked apart for being this, or being that, scorned, ridiculed, beaten down of our vulnerabilities that we trustingly revealed in our nakedness to them.  In such times though, we must find the strength to withstand their unkindly whips and lashings, and not let it scar who we are, to make us feel less of ourselves… we just sadly chose wrong, thinking this person would embrace, and love us for us, who it is that we are, that we completely unveiled for them to see… and for us now to walk away, and hope that someday that we may find a loving soul, who we can once again feel comfortable to reveal ourselves naked to


Floating In Intimacy

Floating In Intimacy

And, oh, when we do find that soul out there, whom upon feeling open enough to share our naked selves to, equally does so in return… oh, the beauty, and oh the love!  The tender special bond and moments had when two people, naked in every way, can come together, be as one, wrapped in the warm embrace of the other’s love… the exciting, almost electrical power of intimacy… the soft gentle touch of a caress, the tender warmth and feel of our naked selves intertwined with the other, every breath, every heartbeat felt, had in unison, as time disappears, and all you know is each other, the two of you floating in intimacy


Bent, But Not Broken

Bent But Not Broken

Weathered by time, the elements (life, the world, people), shaped are we by them all.  Hunched, bowed, strained by the weight of their forces bearing down on us.  To get by, we succumb little by little, bit by bit, bending ourselves, who we are, to their demands, whims.  Until we are misshapen.

Give up, we must not do though.  Our sinewy core strengthened, we must hold ourselves up, not allowed to be broken.  For we are our own beautiful life.  Towards our own little piece of sky and light do we reach, stretch, and grow in the direction of and for.

We are life.  We are beauty.  Never must we forget that.  No matter how bore down upon we have been made to be, and feel otherwise.  We are creatures of love, and reaching to attain and achieve that light of love must we always struggle to grow towards, and be.

Love is pure.  Love is strong.  And in love, we may bend, but never will we be broken.

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