Jack And Mabey


‘Jack And Mabey’ (J&M), was my addition to a series of short films made under the Hashmark Film Group, a company I helped form, and was a member of, along with Don Hajicek, Shawn Crochet, and Jerry Steinhour.

For our first endeavor, we each were to write, and make our own short film, each given a month for the whole production to be made.  ‘J&M’ was what I came up with.

Initially, the screenplay started out as ‘And Just Like That’ (AJLT), but after having finished the first act, it was clear that it was going to be more feature length, with a cast of dozens, and locations up and down the Rocky Mountain front range… and all done with a budget of whatever was under the lint in my pocket!

So, ‘AJLT’ was horribly hacked and compressed down into what would have originally been the final scene in AJLT, and became the entirety of J&M.

It is clearly a first time screenplay, as well as a first time directing project, that if I had to do over I most certainly would, and better!  And really would scratch, and finish the original AJLT screenplay, and do it right.

For what it is though, I am somewhat okay and pleased with it… it was also a trying time, as well as other things in my life going on, during production, my father was battling stage four pancreatic cancer, which, a week or two after filming wrapped, he passed on from… He’s the MPH that the film is dedicated to.

As for the version shown here, that is all I have left… I had all the original edited files, footage, everything, on an external hard drive… yeah, well, that decided to up and fry itself, and all it’s contents… making me not quite the happy fella!  So, this mini version, is all I have left of the original, aside from a copy burned to a DVD.

No worries, or fret though, as I of course still have the original footage on the DVR tapes it was shot on… so, could always go back in and edit it again, better, if I ever felt the need to.

I do want to give a shout out to my co-star, Julie Davis, who was not originally cast, but kindly stepped in, and stepped up as my Mabey!  As well to my fellow Hashmark cronies, in thank you for everything, as well as for all the good times and memories.

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