April 25th, 2017

Even though I had said that I was going to utilize Twitter for Daily Notebook’ish type stuff, and have been doing so, figured I would do an entry on here anyway, as the photos are building up, especially from a couple days ago… so, one more from the road.

Guess will start clear back from the location of the “epiphany”, Twin Falls, Idaho…

Oh, and before I do that, guess I should point out, for the sake of this entry, I am going to forgo the usual placement of photos, one after the other into the entry, since I have quite a number of them… so, will insert little stock gallery formats, that come with the theme I am using… since this is the first time I have ever used them, hopefully they work.  Anyway, for this first batch, really isn’t necessary, as it’s only two photos, but…

As I said, I have/had posted most of these already on Twitter, so will be repeating myself a little (since can only do 140 characters) to those who actually follow me on Twitter.  Anyway, Twin Falls, of which Twin Falls is named after, I never did find or see them… but, above is Shoshone Falls, which is just northeast of town.

That would be the last shots from the fair state of Idaho.  I had been driving parallel to this sunset for awhile, which was quite photogenically dramatic and pr’tty, but never pulled over, as just wasn’t anything in the foreground that I was driving by, to draw me to do so.  Then I drove past this barn, with it’s front and back doors open (well, gone), that the setting sun could be seen through, so knew I had finally found something.  So, quickly found a place to turn around to head back to it, park, and run to the scene… by this point, the sunset wasn’t as colorful as it had been, but at least was able to get these.

Back in good ol’ Wyoming.  This gaggle of horses were not too far before entering Jackson, and for my horse loving niece, I pulled over to capture them for her, with a sliver of the beautiful Teton mountains in the background.

After a dozen years or so, give or take a few, of having lived in Wyoming, I have never been to the western half of the state.  This past Autumn, I headed out towards this part of the state so as to check out Yellowstone, only to find out I was a day late and a dollar short, with it closing the next day.  So, promised myself I would catch it on the way back in the Spring, so why I was back in the area of it.

Except, didn’t end up going again.  This time for being the dollar (well, several dollars) short… not to see it, as I bought (a now useless) yearly National Park Pass back in Californ i a, so could have got to visit it for free and as long as I wanted… but, didn’t have the funds to afford the gas to head up to it.

Think the last time I wrote, I had just sold my studio light kit (finally!), but that only provided short term relief… my objective was needing to make it back to the area of the home of my youth, so as to be there for my niece’s graduation, so funds to do that, is what I was needing to be able to attain… which again, was doing so from selling whatever items of worth that I had with me to do so.  And next on the chopping block, were the 24mm lens o’ mine, and my solar powered power supply kit that I have had.  Well, after selling the studio light kit, I apparently ran the bucket dry of selling anything further in the area, and so had to resort to the last ditch, grasping at straws, scraping the bottom of the barrel, using a pawn shop for the pennies on the dollar.  Actually fared out semi-okay, in a not really sort of way, but did get just enough in order to make it all the way back, but with no detours further north up into Yellowstone, so…  But, at least got to check out the grand Teton Mountains, and man, do they live up to their touted beauty!

And they were even weatherly shrouded for the most part, but still were quite lovely to behold!  Even tweeted that they had overtaken my beloved Big Horn Mountains as being my favorite range… at least for aesthetics… accessibility, maybe not so much… but to view them, they just definitely live up to their storied selves.

The first time I lived in Buffalo, Wyo, at the foot of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, back in the latter half of the 90’s, wildlife was something I got to witness a couple times, with moose, a mountain lion, elk… the last time I lived there though, a couple years back, not a bloody single animal did I ever see, aside from the ever prevalent antelope and deer.  Yeah, different story on the western side of the state!  First off the little herd of buffalo that was just off the side of the road, and then a little ways up, the herd of elk… in the western edge there, wildlife – it’s still their habitat, and roam freely all about… so, was nice to get a good solid viewing of buffalo, especially since, literally, day one of this here journey o’ mine, I headed to a place in Nebraska for just the sole reason of being able to see them, only to be greatly disappointed… so, nice that in the trail end of this here journey o’ mine, I got to genuinely see them in the wild.

Again, a pit stop taken to photograph horses for my niece.  These fine lookin’ horses were just before Dubois, Wyoming.  It was the white mare that caught my eye, against the red rock of the terrain behind her.  Getting a couple shots of her though, the handsome fellow who is seen trotting towards me in the background, and who I just kept photographing as he drew near, greeting me and keeping me company the remaining time while I was there.

He, and the white mare, must have been/be show horses, as the white mare, her tail still showed signs of having been crimped, braids in her mane… and this fine, handsome specimen, just had an air about him that he loved the attention, knowing he was a sexy beast, and just this confident attitude of a good showman.

The following morning, still in the red rock, Dubois area.  The last of the two above, the purplish rock, was a first for me… all the other colors represented in that landscape I had seen before, but the bulbous purple formations, that was a surprising first… and were really more purple than is really seen above… the sky was still overcast, and got impatient waiting for the sun to peek through to make the colors more vibrant, and it didn’t look like it was going to happen for a good long while by the cloud cover, so…

Some lone object, be it a tree, or here a silo, always catch my attention when I am driving, and see them all by their lonesome out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing else.  When I took the shot, I had the full intention of removing the cell tower in post… but, once in post, I just decided to keep it, as I thought it just balanced out with the silo and couple trees aside it.

This ol’ run down shack of a previous house, was just a mile or two up the road from the lone silo… such structures are sometimes a dime a dozen along back roads in rural areas… but, despite that fact, have never really stopped and taken some shots of one before… don’t know why… so, this time, just decided to do so.

Usually, because sometimes the structures are inaccessible, and/or feel like I would be trespassing upon someone’s property, who will come out shootin’ first and askin’ questions later, if I was to be found checking out a place.  But, definitely not the above old, rural school house, nor the old rural venue building below, which to my surprise, were just wide open and completely accessible to enter into and walk about… I guess out in the middle of nowhere rural’ville, really isn’t any call to have them boarded up, or what have you.

Anyway, in both places, aside from the run down, falling apart aspect of it, was taken by the remaining hints of vibrant color that were still present in the places… and am going to blame Paul for making my photographic eye look at color more, as that is something he is currently focusing upon in his work, and so is what drew me to photograph the remaining color play of both buildings.

Okay, so well anyway, that gets everything all caught up to just a couple days ago now.

So, I know I ended up pretty much going dark here after all, and falling off the grid, and really have no qualms for having done so… but, left y’all hanging as to what it is I am now going to do, especially since I just vaguely proclaimed that I had that “epiphany” and what it was I set out on this journey for, had been discovered, and that it now was complete.

So, is it really?  Same ol’ answer – I don’t know.  What am I going to do next?  Same ol’ answer – I don’t know.  Don’t have the slightest fuckin’ clue.  But, am in a definite different place than I was when I set out on this here journey o’ mine… a better place personally, spiritually, and that alone is enough and huge for me.  Still find myself in this same ol’ square one hell though, as to what the living flying fuck to do in this here life/world… but, again, the place I am with myself, is just a whole lot better place for me to continue forward in my continual quest to figure out the other big part.

So, that’s pretty much it.  Nothing other really new along those lines.  Right now, all I am thinking about, is just making it back for my niece’s graduation… and then figurin’ out what to do after that and from there.  A part of me thinks it’s going to entail really bucklin’ down even more than I already have done so far, and getting rid of absolutely everything else that I do own and possess, to just the extreme bare essentials, and carrying forth from there.  Will see, and time will only tell.

Just gonna continue livin’, day by/to day… doing, going, living the moment that is front of me.  So, um… yeah.

As always, hoping, and wishing that all is well with you, fellow travelers in your own journeys.  Live, laugh, love, and enjoy.

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  • Paul PolitisApril 25th, 2017 - 7:54 pm

    Nice shots!

    But the one with the railroad track in the foreground really struck me the most. Just the razor sharp simplicity of the silo behind it, contrasted with the out of focus tracks, is quite striking to me. Wise choice to leave the cell tower in.

    Haha, color! I will accept the blame gladly. I liked the blue room with the light bulb as well … Eggleston would be proud of you, despite how you’ve disrespected him in the past.

    Hopefully you’ll continue to post here from time to time, I don’t use Twitter at all!ReplyCancel

    • JPHApril 26th, 2017 - 11:24 am

      Thanks, Paul.

      Yeah, I have just been in this fix/kick lately, where I am just loving, and wanting to shoot wide open… almost to the point that I can’t seem to NOT shoot doing so, even if the shot would be better with more depth of focus… But, is like a drug and can’t kick shooting wide open… I totally blame my nifty-fifty, as I just have fallen in love with it’s wide open look.

      Even though, that particular version of the silo that I posted, is not taken with it, though I did shoot it first with my 50mm, but it was just too wide and far back in the scene… so, I also had shot it with my 105mm (the only other lens I have now, since I have sold my 300mm and 24mm to fund my continued existence), and that is the one you see above. It still has it’s drug like inducing effect of either the front, or back focus area, to be “de-focused” as Nikon calls it, and made to more out of focus… pretty sure I had it a stop towards the front focus being a little more out of focus.

      That ‘Bare Bulb, Blue’ photo, was one of the last I took, and took like a handful of shots of it… it was near the entrance of that old rundown venue type place, in what looked like to be a little ticket booth (in a couple of shots pointing back towards the entrance, the small, white, squared hole in the wall is where it was in), and the light falling softly in it, upon the still very vibrant blue wall, with just the bare bulb hanging from it’s white base amongst it, it was a no-brainer to capture and shoot.

      It was a tight space, only like 3′ x 6′ (approximately a little under a meter by 2 meters), and had to press myself in the doorway against the door to frame it, and also not have my shadow mucking up the shot, from the light source being the outdoors coming through what remained of the front doors, bouncing off the floor of the foyer, into the booth. What I really also liked about it, was the smooth corner and seams in the wall and ceiling, how they were like rounded, and not a sharp edge to them… and tried to position that in different parts of the frame with the bulb.

      In post, it was actually the toughest set of images to edit… one reason, being, I didn’t have to! Seriously, out of camera, I was loving the way it looked, and was finding it totally hard to accept that fact, and not post-process it in some way! Ridiculous how hard it was to NOT do anything to it… and when I did, it ruined it. Also, was difficult in deciding which composed variation to use, and honestly, was wanting to send the handful of them too you and ask which one you preferred! But, even though, when chimping the shot after I took it, and had one of those rare occurrences where I knew I had a keeper right after the point of exposure, the one I had that feeling towards, I ended up not choosing and going for this one instead… I just liked this placement better, and how the corner/seams made for a more pronounced isometric optical illusion, almost a Necker Cube even, in that the corner seems to protrude outward towards the camera, instead of away as it really was.

      I am serious though, I rarely think too much in color when I photograph, but because of your influence, and sharing the works of those photographers who have inspired you, I find I am looking more at color. Though I still would have taken the ‘Bare Bulb, Blue’, all the rest of the color shots pretty much, were taken because of your, our, recent discussions of photographers, and color.

      As for continuing to post on here, honestly, think I will only do one more, after I am back, to close this chapter off… well, unless somehow between now and my arriving back, I find something of worth to photograph, and thus have work to show… who knows… doubt it though, as I am pretty much taking the same route back as I did last Autumn, and there isn’t much in aesthetics along the way… but again, who knows, maybe I’ll drive by something I missed last Autumn.

      Anyway, as I was saying, outside of that, I only foresee one last entry to wrap things up, and bid adieu to the site.

      I’m not saying my journey may or may not be over, as I honestly do not know what I am going to do after my return… as well as I even said after my “epiphany”, that I still had a long way to go, and work to do… just, this journey as it has been, and has been publicly, I still do just see as at a point to wrap up.

      Again though – who knows?! Every day is a new day, and will just see how I continue to suss things out for myself in the next remaining waning days of being out here, and after a brief spell back in the area of the home of my youth… a half month, to a month from now, will see where I, and things stand.

      Thanks again, Paul.ReplyCancel

      • PaulApril 26th, 2017 - 1:06 pm

        Well, you can send along photos any time, or just a rambling email, or both, as I’m always interested in what you’re up to, and enjoy our conversations.

        So aside from this site, are Twitter and Tumblr the only places you will post stuff in the future?ReplyCancel

        • JPHApril 26th, 2017 - 2:07 pm

          As do I (enjoy our conversations).

          As for future posting, I don’t know. If I take TLJ down, well naturally so would go TLJ’s sister Twitter account. But, I am a BIG Twitter user… as one could check who it is I follow, it’s mostly news sources, with some photographers, and photo related sites thrown in… But, namely the news is why Twitter is big with me, as that is where I hop on to quickly get news updates. When I first talked of taking TLJ dark, I did go and set up a personal Twitter account to replace the TLJ account also going dark… So, bottom line, if and when TLJ goes, as well as it’s Twitter account, I will continue on in one form or another with Twitter, as I don’t do any other “social” media thing, but am a steadfast Twitter dude, and will not part from it.

          I no longer have a Tumblr account, though did early on with TLJ… but, felt having both was redundant, so dumped Tumblr. I really do like Tumblr though, it’s simple, yet fully functional posting abilities… and if I do not do another website, would be content with just having a Tumblr page set up… until I would ever put up another website, which I would eventually do anyway, as it’s my own, and not some social platform, owned by Yahoo! on top of it! That does make me wary, and that my content and info being with them, as with the minor limitations of functionality the platform and setup do have, and it all being subject to whatever company is overseeing it… as opposed to my own website being me, and mine alone, subject to only me, and whatever BETTER hosting company I have that is BETTER than lousy BlueHost!

          Will just see how the future plays out. Twitter for sure… Tumblr possibly… as you said though – email definitely.ReplyCancel