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I'm just a man, a wandering soul, trying to figure out my purpose, and reason for being, that I chose for me to learn in this here life/world.

So, I have set out in an altogether 'nother direction... wherein I will be traveling aimlessly around like the gypsy nomadic transient that I am.

My objective while doing so, being my hopefully discovering, recalling, what it was I came here for, what it is I am to be and do.  As the road heretofore, has not yielded that answer to me... or perhaps it has, and I will realize - oh, yeah.

Anyway...  Along the way, photography being a personal joy and love of mine, I will share photos taken along the way... as well, as share, in writing, about my spiritual exploration, in my usual uncensored, wholly honest way.

That's all, and it.

Hopefully somewhere within the confines of This Life's Journey website o' mine, you'll find either some photos to your liking, and/or some nice personal insight and thoughts in my rambling writings, that will be to your stimulated liking... if so, I would gladly welcome you to share right back with me your thoughts... you may do so below here, or in any of the Comment sections located throughout.

Wishing all the best to you on your journey, and would look forward to possibly our paths crossing, and our being able to share our journeys together.

Until then, happy and safe travels to you, and see you down the road!

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